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New candles from Lowima

Posted by Eva on

Having spent a lovely weekend up in northern Sweden, hoping for snow, we instead enjoyed some beautiful autumn days but the sun. We took the opportunity to visit my friend Ann-Louise who along with her husband Mattias have started a candle factory in Skellefteå.

They previously lived in Germany for nearly ten years where Mattias played hockey professionally, but on their return to their homeland they decided to start a completely new project - and by coincidence found an old candle factory that was for sale up in Norrbotten.

They decided to buy the factory and move all the machines down to their new home in Skellefteå - their new candle factory, named Lowima, was born.

When we visited the new factory on the weekend we were all captivated by the beautiful lights. And as Christmas is just round the corner I decided to get some fantastic snowball candles which we're going to sell here on The Local Brands. In fact, I couldn't resist lighting my very own candle this morning - it immediately created an amazing atmosphere for what had been a very dark, dull morning.

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