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Celebrating the New Year with New Swedish Brands

Posted by Olly on

Happy New Year to one and all! We hope you all enjoyed the holiday season. Here at the Local Brands we're really exited for the year ahead - new brands, new products and new Swedish things! 

And to kick us off we've already added two new Swedish brands to our webshop - Aveva and Ballograf

Aveva's aim is to colour up your life! As a Swedish design company with a passion for bright colors and new sustainable ideas, they design furnishings and accessories, where color, form and function interact for lasting products.

Aveva Trivets

We have their new range of fun, colourful trivets in stock, and are looking to to expand the range very soon - take a look here.

Then there's Ballograf - if you haven't seen their pens standing proudly on counters in banks, hotels or conference centers then we'd be very surprised! We absolutely love these pens and have already installed one next door to our telephone. 

Ballograf Pen

Following their launch in the early sixties, this simple ballpoint pen has become somewhat of an icon - read more about them here.

Keep your eyes peeled for more cool Swedish brands - and make room for a little bit of Sweden in your life!

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