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About Us

Welcome to Piece of Sweden. But hold on, who and what is Piece of Sweden?


There's so much interest in Sweden from around the world. So now I've put together a collection of products from the finest brands in Sweden. Some of them are traditional, some are icons of modern Swedish design - but they’ve all been hand-picked.

What motivates me is the desire to find Swedish things for everyday life and situations, things that people need to use regularly and enjoy using. Ordinary things made to last and retain their attraction and appeal year after year.  I´m constantly searching for the simplicity. To find the heart of the products. 

I want that the products that are useful, adorable, unique and creative. And we are known for our high quality products, individually made with unrivaled attention to detail. If you are looking for a present with that extra touch.

Many different products were made in the neighborhood with focus on young Swedish designers. Some of the crafters I already knew and I established contacts with many others. 

And feel free to send me your thoughts on the product range, good or bad.